Pole Barn Renewal

We were contacted to assess the structural integrity of a pole barn in the Abbotsford area. Pole barns are multifunctional structures seen in the agricultural industry, used as garages, storage, workshops, livestock barns and riding arenas. Typically they are simple structures consisting of large spanning trusses supported by a timber beam and post line on each side. Pole barns are cost efficient builds without any interior supports and allow for large, open, multi-use spaces.

Our structural assessment identified that the original posts had deteriorated at their base due to long term contact with soil. Remediation was required in order to ensure the structure would remain secure. One-by-one, each post was repaired by removing the rotted portion and pouring new concrete piers up to catch the trimmed posts. This repair work addressed the critical structural issue and ensures the long-term safety of building users in daily farm and business operations.



LHC Builders Group